Core Values

Unite. Educate. Advocate. Give.


The Mission of the Wisconsin Women’s Fund, Inc. is to inspire more Girls and Women to make healthy choices, on and off their bike.


Our Vision is to develop, maintain, and support a network of women cyclists and supporters of women’s cycling in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Women’s Fund, Inc. will work to advance the interests of women cyclists by supporting the casual, developing amateur, and junior women cyclist through networking and outreach efforts. Also, we would like to help grow the sport and ensure sustainability in women’s cycling for the future by creating an opportunity of advancement for women cyclists through backing programs focused on upholding and guiding women cyclists statewide.

2017 Events & Programs

Women Program

  • Community – Support and Volunteer
    • Community outreach and assist at events and youth programs
  • Competence – WWCycling Riding Club
    • Cycling events, group/training rides and clinics
  • Confidence – Meet ups
    • Stay connected, learn from each other, build community and have fun!

Youth Program (in process)

  • Community – 100miles2aCentury – self paced program for all youth and adults
  • Competence – Female Development Team
  • Confidence – Experiential Cycling Camp

Grant Program

Support Wisconsin programs that included cycling in their curriculum and those which provide social and educational experiences that inspire Girls and Women to make healthy choices, on and off their bike.

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Organization Details

With your tax-deductible donation, you can be proud to be a part of helping to make the level of entry into cycling possible for our girls and women.

Wisconsin Women’s Fund, Inc. (EIN 81-0753971) is qualified as a charitable and educational organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We are 100% volunteer-based and contributions to Wisconsin Women’s Fund, Inc are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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  • Legal Name: Wisconsin Women’s Fund, Inc.
  • A Wisconsin-based educational and charitable non-profit with a mission to being a self-sustaining foundation that supports the health and well-being of girls and women, embraces the sport of women cycling and giving back.
  • Designated by the IRS as a tax-exempted 501(c)3 organization and assigned EIN 81-0753971

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The Wisconsin Women’s Fund is a 100% volunteer-based organization. Our volunteers and supporters are the power that drives our programs and events. Your help could be instrumental to us. Please contact us today with your skills and interests.

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Our Volunteer Board of Directors, sub-committee members and ambassadors are actively involved in the community establishing and promoting philanthropic and educational experiences while teaching life skills that inspire Girls and Women to make healthy choices, on and off their bikes. Through our programs and charitable grants, we are committed to enhance the health and well-being of Girls and Women in communities throughout Wisconsin.

Cycling and cycling activities are the core of our organization – the competency and community we are gifted with. So, cycling is our primary vehicle to connect to individuals that support our mission. We do not advocate one kind of cycling but promote programs and events that introduce girls and women to a range of styles and skills levels. Youth initiatives will be overseen by LCI certified coaches and Smart Cycling techniques.

Your volunteer time or donation will support our programs and work to inspire Girls and Women to make healthy choices!

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